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Kisan Polytechnic Institute (KPI) is established as the constituent institution of CTEVT in 2075 B.S. Kisan Polytechnic Institute is located in the lap of Chure range at Chapakot -10, Kisan, Syangja district, Gandaki province. Read More………

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It gives me immense pleasure to invite aspiring youth who are keen to shape a best career in technical field as a good technocrat. Kisan polytechnic institute is a common platform for all kinds of national youth, we serves by offering demand based professional vocational training to diploma (+2) level programs in the field of engineering and Agriculture discipline. A digital class room, well equipped laboratory, updated work-shop, in house practical fields, full time qualified faculty, variety of learning resources, industrial collaboration are the key strength for making a vibrant and challenging learning environment……..

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